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John has been approved for a HAMP Tier 1 modification, Payment amount is $1403.49 (including escrows), Client was delinquent 11 payments a total of $15,652.54


David is excited with his new payment plan!


Jon and Stephani have been approved for a HAMP Tier 1 mod pending a 3 month Trial Period, old payment was $2740.09, New payment amount is $2434.96 (escrowed) a savings of $305.13 a month, client was 14 payments behind w/total $35,399.74 w/o fees.


Ike was approved for an in house mod with a new payment amount of$1,067.40. Current mortgage payment is $1297.45. That is a difference of $230.05

New Mexico

Dwight was approved for a HAMP modification, new payment is $1537.88, his payment was previously $2358.00 then reduced to $1537.88. That is a savings of $820.12


Gilbert & Bonnie were paying $727.75 on their mortgage each month. They fell 2 years behind due to some unexpected expenses. Modification brought them current, allowing them to remain in their home, and lowered their payment to $479.67, saving them $248.08 a month.


Brad & Patricia were paying $609.23 each month, and had an interest rate of 8.25%. They are now paying only slightly less, $608.76, but have a much lower interest rate of 5.0%. They were happy with the outcome, and that they were able to save their home from foreclosure.

New York

Marie is now paying $2330.90 on her mortgage monthly. Compared to her original payment of $3585.44, she is saving $1254.54 each month.

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