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Jack has been approved for an In House modification, Old: $1,978.34, New: $1,467.63, a savings of $510.71, The loan was past due for 13 months with a total of $25,000.00 which was brought current with the modification.


Joseph had a hardship when his wife lost her job, as well as losing a personal business & several rental properties. We were able to modify his rental property today through Chase


Anna & Matin file new payment is $1130.47 old $1440.64 old interest 5.5% new 3.5% no trial period permanently modified


Patricia brought loan current and escrowed taxes and insurance.


Juan received a modification agreement that requires him to make payment of $1,766.35 for 3 months from 9/1/2013 to 11/1/2013. The payments were $2,850.00 and the payment was reduced to $1,766.35 and this is a savings of $1,083.65 per month. The client is happy, very happy!


Bennie was approved for a modification that reduced his payment over $350.00 each month!


New: $1,114.42, Old: $1371.57 ($835.49 is P&I only), a difference of $257.15. File will be brought current. Current past due is $23,528.98 with 18 payments behind.


Gwendolyn was approved for a Freddie Mac Standard Modification, her payment previously was $1,697.00 and was reduced to $1,604.18, this is a savings of $98.82 a month!


Kennith and Erica had a hardship due to his ex-wife not making the mortgage payments before leaving their residence. He was advised during his active child custody battle that losing the property would take away a good chance of maintaining full custody of his children.


Jenna received a modification agreement that requires her to make payment of $1,147.15 starting 1/01/2014. The payment was $1,238.00 and was reduced to $1147.15 This is a savings of $90.85 per month.

North Carolina

Richard received a trial plan with a payment of $1,504.78. His prior payment was $1,445.09 – We explained that this is a Great Option for him and he agreed.


Randy experienced a hardship when he experienced long-term unemployment beginning May 2009, then his wife, the co-borrower was laid off in July 2012. We were able to modify their loan to the following details take a look!


Beverly and Edward fell behind once medical issues began to pile up in September 2012, causing additional bills in their name & a loss of employment. We were able to have them approved for an in-house offer through Chase with the following terms.


A client with Preferred Law since 11/2011, we resubmitted her package continually through lender denials & client changes of circumstance, to reach this final result of a HAMP modification.


3.5% 30 year fixed, the loan is now current and monthly savings of over $588


Acaria and Joseph are excited to go from Original Payment of $3,674.49 to New Payment of $2,788.61


Christopher was approved for Fannie Mae streamline old payment $1,823.50 NEW $1,327.36


3.5% fixed rate and $467 a month payment savings. Client previously had a 6.5% interest rate.


Susan received a modification agreement that requires her to make payment of $1,108.45 for 3 months from 11/01/2013 to 01/01/2014, Old: $1,478.00, New: $1,108.45, a savings of $369.55 / month.


Christopher was approved for a Modification pending contribution, $1,850.98 contribution required, New will be: $1,492.09, Old: $1,508.53 PITI, a difference of $16.44, Current past due of $33,538.18 with 23 months behind, rate went from 6.00% to 4.25%


0% second mortgage & first mortgage payment CUT IN HALF!


$500 per month payments savings and foreclosure stopped.

Hilda received a modification agreement that requires her to make payment of just $890.03, down from $1,194.46! Savings of $304.43 per month! Client is happy!

William has been approved for an In House modification, Pmt amt $1,158.17 (escrowed), Delq 12 pmts w/total of $14,802.01 w/o fees.

Scott and Jennifer were approved for standard Modification, New: $1,717.40, rate of 4.625, Old: $1,697.68, up by $19.72, Current past due is $27,571.99 with 17 payments behind.


Larry and Susan were facing foreclosure after falling behind due to some financial struggles. Their modification lowered their payment from $749.39 to $305.28. This saves them $444.11 each month, and is a monthly savings of 59%!


Brigida experienced some financial difficulty, and fell over a year behind on her mortgage. Modification brought her current, and lowered her payment from $1212.88 to $1145.84, a monthly savings of $67.04!


Trisha was thrilled with her modification, which allowed her to remain in her home. Her payment was raised from $457.69 to $492.98.


George fell behind due to having some medical issues. After being behind for well over a year, his modification brought him current, and lowered his payment from $1133.77 to $747.76, saving him $386.01 every month.


Martin was excited to have his payment lowered by modifying his mortgage. He is saving $136.49 each month, as his payment fell from $1416.60 to $1280.11.


August’s payment dropped from $929.50 to $691.86, saving him $237.64 each month.


David fell behind after losing his job, and was unable to catch up on his own when he started working again several months later. Modification raised his payment from $755.48 to $863.12, but allowed him to save his home from foreclosure.

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